Interviewing remotely? These tips will help you nail it!

Landed a remote interview? Well, follow these tips to ace it.

  1. A land telephone line remains the gold standard in terms of connection quality.

    If at all possible, try to have your interview conducted via landline. While cell phones are certainly ubiquitous these days, they still pose a risk of being dropped and can undermine candidates at a most critical time.

  1. Find a quiet spot to talk.

    It is essential to block out any possible distractions, including those presented by pets, small children and street noise. Only participate in an interview if you can be alone in a quiet place that mimics the conditions you would experience in a more conventional interview environment.

  2. Be ready to take notes.

    Make sure to have a pen and pad close at hand, along with an updated copy of your resume. Be prepared to scribble down any questions that arise during the interview and be quick to accurately highlight key dates and facts contained in the resume. Write down important facts learned about the position you are seeking.

  3. Prepare some questions of your own.

    Always have a couple of questions at the ready that you can pose to the interviewer. Hiring professionals almost always ask whether you have questions about the job or the company, and having some prepared conveys your sincere interest in what they do. This can help distinguish your candidacy from competitors and give you a real leg up.

  4. Be punctual.

    Arriving late for an interview is a terrible misstep, so make certain to be available precisely at the appointed time for a remote interview, just as you would do it in an office setting. Here are some more great tips from PSR Solutions.

  5. Dress for the job you want.

    The fact that your interview is being conducted remotely does not relieve you of the duty to dress the part. If you are trying to secure employment with a business casual company, choose your attire accordingly. Just because you may be sitting in your own home office, you do not have free license to wear your sweatpants and t-shirt if you hope to get an offer.

  6. Maintain an active posture.

    When an interview is being conducted over the phone, consider speaking while standing. This posture lends strength and conviction to what you are saying, and the added confidence will come through over the line.

  7. Sit straight and tall.

    Should your interview be done over a video conferencing application whereby you are visible to the interviewer, make certain to sit straight, tall and with your feet touching the floor. Do not be afraid to use your hands to add flavor as you speak, as this will ensure that you convey a sense of confidence and authority.

  8. Rehearsal never hurts.

    Not everyone is accustomed to using the type of technology through which remote interviews are often conducted. If Skype is unfamiliar to you, be certain to do some test-runs with a friend or family member in advance of your interview date. Adjust the camera so that you are shown to your best advantage, and make sure you know how to adjust the volume beforehand. Avoid wearing white clothing, since it may not play well on the screen. Wear only minimal jewelry and do what you can to reduce the appearance of perspiration if you tend to get nervous on such occasions.