This post is part of my new Crew Life Video Insights series, where we’re learning more and more about the lifestyle and career of a flight attendant.

With major airlines and other key players in the airline industry constantly releasing amazing content, they’re leaving behind little gems of information that you can use to gain further insight into this great career.

This will not only help you get a better understanding of the role of a flight attendant – but also help fine-tune your resume and nail those all-important job interviews and training sessions, to advance your career even faster!

Watch this video now, called “Cathay Pacific – A Day in the Life – Flight Attendant” and then see below for the transcript of the video, where I’ve highlighted key points you can take away from the video.

Video Transcript:

Grace: Hi, welcome to my house. Come on in. I’m flight attendant Grace.

I’ve been with Cathay Pacific for over three years now. Right after I graduated, I was deciding and I thought, “Why not fly, while I’m young?”

Right now, I got to get ready, so follow me.

Every time I put on my uniform, it’s kind of like I’m playing a role for a whole performance, a whole play. When you’re wearing the uniform, you have to act the part.

Now, I’m heading on to doing my packing. I already did my packing the night before. That’s what I usually do for every flight. The key point is to pack light. You’re ready to go.

We are here now at Cathay City. That was around 20 minutes, MTR ride, and 5 minutes, bus ride, from my home to here. Thank you. Now we head in. Right here, we look for the flight file. Today, we’re taking CX111, so we look for the flight file here. There it is.

Now, we can head up to the computers. My friends. Here, I just do my last minute checks to see, for example, my position for the flight.

Speaker 2:     Hello, good evening everyone. Welcome to CX111 to Sydney. Before I start, please check your passport details. Grace, [inaudible 00:01:44].

Rumi:              Good attitude is the major factor of bringing good service to our passengers. Please be warm, friendly, nice to our passengers. When we talk to a passenger, mind our tone of voice, our body language and using eye contact.

Speaker 2:     Oh, yeah. Thank you very much, [Rumi 00:01:59].

All right, some of the flight times quite long, sometimes the passengers may want to get some rest in flight. To minimize the cabin noise, because the [inaudible 00:02:07] is very close to the cabin, speak softly and [inaudible 00:02:09].

Grace:             We’re here. You can’t go on with me, because I’m going on the bus. I’ll see you later, in flight. The first thing we do is our equipment checks, make sure we have all the equipment we need for safety purposes.

After that, we start doing ground preparation. That includes setting up newspaper, getting ready for the meal service, keeping all the drinks chilled, so we have dry ice for that. Before our passengers come, we make sure the scene is nice and presentable. We check the TVs to make sure they’re serviceable, the seats are clean.

Even when I was a kid, I loved to fly. When I applied for this job and then started flying, it’s that new excitement every time, every time the plane takes off.

[Mr. Wang 00:03:12], [foreign language 00:03:13]. Whenever I see my passengers happy, I’m happy. Like a lot of people say, it’s all the little things that count, but it’s true. I also have the pork with egg, soy sauce and rice and nothing in there. I think I see tomato and cheese fettuccine.

I like to tell people, before they ask. I just like to notice these little things and pick it up. First meal service for our flight today, we have two meal service. Between the first and the second, we do have time. We come back to the galley, we eat, time to chit-chat with our colleagues.

All done. Very smooth and happy flight. After the last passenger has deplaned, we do after landing check. Then, we head out as the whole group to the crew bus. We’re here, at the hotel. One good and smooth flight, check off my list.

I haven’t slept the whole night, so honestly, I’m physically very tired. I’m looking forward to getting some rest.

Thank you for joining me the whole time, all the way to Sydney. Hope you had fun and see you again soon.