Hi, I’m Louise McGrath.

The position of a flight attendant is considered to be one of the most prestigious career in the airline industry. But how do you land this dream job? Do you even know where to start?

I created this web site after helping a good friend find what she needed to know about becoming a flight attendant, and realised that the information “out there” on the Internet was shocking. It was practically impossible to gather everything Sarah needed to know, it literally took days of frustration.

After that experience I decided to compile all of the knowledge I gained here on my own web site and am now revealing the job requirements, training program, salary data and other insider knowledge I’m getting from Sarah – all to help get YOU in the air sooner!

Now, I don’t confess to know everything there is to know, but I am a complete nerd when it comes to most things and am clearly fascinated with flight attendants. So if there’s anything you’d like me to find out for you, please let me know.

If you’ve got any feedback too, I’d be more than glad to hear it.

Thanks for visiting!

Louise xx

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