Being a flight attendant requires you to deal with a hectic schedule.

While it is an adventurous and exciting job, your ability to be ready for all types of situation will be put to the test. It is also important to present yourself well. With that in mind, investing in the best shoes specifically designed for flight attendants is a must.

Your choice of shoes if you work as a flight attendant should be stylish and classy while also helping you stay safe and comfortable. That way, you can confidently help all passengers you are serving on the plane.

So how do you choose the best shoes for flight attendants?

Use the following factors to gauge your options and make the right decision.

Fit and Comfort

If you want to stay comfortable during your entire shift then find a shoe that perfectly fits you. You’ll know that the shoe fits you well if it offers the highest level of comfort while still giving you more than enough support.

Some of the things to consider when finding the right fit, which can make you feel comfortable, are the length of your flight and whether or not you’re allowed to change into an in-flight service footwear when you are still in the air. Check the heels, too, and ensure that they have comfortable heights.

Non-slip shoes are essential!

Non-slip shoes are essential!

Make sure that they are suitable to be worn for more than ten hours every day. The shoe should be non slip or slip-resistant, too. Knowing that you are safe from accidental slips can also make you feel more comfortable and confident when you are serving your guests/passengers.


Style should also play a major role in your decision. Look for stylish, non-slip and comfortable shoes. Note that your job requires you to look your best when you are on flights. It is because you will be dealing with a lot of passengers from different regions and countries.

The way you present yourself physically will also heavily depend on the footwear you are wearing. Some of the most stylish shoes that you can now invest in are heels, half-booties, and full boots. You can also go for flats. Just make sure that regardless of the style you choose, it is still elegant and classy.

Determine your preferred style, too. Make sure that your chosen style is allowed in the corporate flight attendant or airline job you are currently holding.


Another important consideration is the price. When browsing for the best shoes for flight attendants, you may come across those that have extremely low or high price tags. Check the price and figure out if your choice is of top-notch quality. Avoid choosing extremely cheap ones.

Go for the more expensive variety if it means that you can also get a high-quality footwear in return. Never hesitate to spend more to guarantee the quality of the shoes you purchase.

Protection and Support

As a flight attendant, you will be doing a lot of tasks during your entire shift. That said, you need to find the most protective and supportive shoe there is. Your heels, ankles, and entire feet should be fully supported. It should be able to protect you from slips that might cause you to suffer from injuries, too.

Up to 10 hours a day on your feet? Quality shoes are an absolute necessity.


How to choose the best shoes for flight attendants is not that difficult to answer if you are aware of the different factors that can contribute a lot in making the right decision.

By considering all the factors and tips that this article presented, your job as a flight attendant will become even easier as you wear the perfect footwear for you.