For many people, sleeping in a new environment is usually very tough, especially the first two or three days.

According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation which involved a sample of 1004 people, 55 percent thought the difference in comfort was because of the difference in mattress quality, 56 percent thought it was because of the sheets, 63 percent thought it was because of the pillow quality while 59 percent thought it was because their home bedroom is quieter.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the ways to help you sleep better while traveling.

Carry your earplugs, a Mask, and other sleep-friendly gear

It is recommendable to make it a habit to carry your sleep mask every time you travel, remember the quality of the sleep mask matters. When buying the sleep mask ensure that it is big, thick and it rests on your face firmly.

You may also consider carrying a travel pillow which is very helpful when you want to sleep on the plane, you also get to use the pillow on the hotel which makes it much easier for you to sleep.

Carry music that you enjoy at home

Sleepphones. How else can you sleep comfortably with music?

The things that you do before you sleep and immediately you wake up plays a major part in determining how much energy you have to face the next day.

If you love to fall asleep to love music or you like watching one or two episodes of your favorite episodes before you sleep then make sure to carry those songs and movies.

In case you are sharing a room with someone else then you may consider buying the sleepphones which usually come in different size, in case you don’t like wired sleepphones then you can buy the wireless sleepphones which cost around ninety dollars.

Bring a scent that relaxes you

Fragrance and smell are very critical to some people when it comes to sleeping, for instance, an overbearing smell of an unfamiliar detergent or a general funk can make it very difficult for you to sleep. Remember this is optional and all you need in this case is to bring something that soothes you.

Give yourself plenty of time to sleep

The other way to deal with a sleep problem is giving yourself enough time to sleep even if that means going to bed earlier than your normal days.

This technique is usually very effective especially the first night which is the hardest to sleep. Also if you are accustomed to exercising before you go to bed, make sure you exercise.

We’ve discussed it before, while you can’t avoid getting jet lag, there are some ways to minimize how hard you’re hit with it.

Memory foam mattresses. A better night’s sleep – it’s science!

Consider better accommodation

Traveling on a budget can be tough, and your accommodation can make or break a holiday.  If you stay somewhere cheap, don’t expect a high-quality mattress, or comfortable bedding.  What’s the benefit of being on holiday though, if you’re too tired to enjoy yourself?  Upgrade your hotel for at least a night or two in a row, and you won’t regret having better surroundings.

Some hotels are now offering memory foam mattresses, and in my experience, memory foam mattresses can help you sleep better, due largely to how they form to your body, significantly reducing pressure points, improving your circulation.  A memory foam bed will take its shape around your body supporting every curve guaranteeing a comfortable, and restful nights sleep.

Don’t forget the creature comforts

The creature comforts make you feel at home, for instance, in case you are among people who hate walking barefoot then carry your slippers, also, if you have a favorite mug that you think will help you ease your travels then you should bring it along.

As I conclude, most people think that alcohol can help them sleep but that is not the case, according to Smith Johnston (chief of fatigue management team at NASA), alcohol will put you to sleep – but it won’t keep you asleep. Instead, take a few of these points on board, and you’ll sleep better than ever!